Product Development 

Providing product leadership from concept through implementation. A typical Internet project automates processes and web-enables the delivery of services.
Work with sponsors to develop
Project charters
Business plans
Due diligence and contracts as required
Prototypes including look and feel
Work with teams to develop
Change management procedures
Iterative releases
Testing and defect management procedures
Work with users to develop
Usability standards
Feedback loops
Leading the formulation and implementation of profitable product development / product management growth strategies
Developing long-term product life cycle roadmap
Managing a team of subject matter experts, business analysts, and project managers
Preparing business cases for new products, new releases, and customer change requests
Developing and communicating product and market strategy
Segmenting markets to maximize customer impact
Gathering requirements and identifying needs with all stakeholders (customers, markets, executives, internal departments, vendors, others)
Working with subject matter experts in product design
Modeling / prototyping concepts for testing and refinement of design
Managing the development process for new enhancements and product offerings
Articulating how the product will impact the market
Creating effective marketing campaigns to support product launches
Working closely with marketing, sales and client services to define communication needs
Designing and implementing product launch programs that both raise market awareness and support sales efforts
Getting a product out of concept into the pipeline
Working with product launch teams
Assessing impact analysis for product enhancements and future releases