Strategy Development and Positioning

Clarifying or defining organizational mission
Choosing to perform activities differently than competitors
Focusing not only on who the organization is, but as importantly, who the organization is not
Developing corporate strategies and updating the business plan to create growth and sustainable competitive advantage
Recommending and developing strategic intents (target market, customer segments, service offerings, and competitive advantage)
Analyzing and developing business plans for new businesses or new technology available to the company as possible growth drivers for the future
Defining new or existing channel opportunities
Completing competitive analysis
Determining the strategic value of clients
Valuing strategy options
Interacting with internal and external clients to identify, research, analyze and resolve complex problems
Identifying new product and / or market opportunities
Developing and implementing strategies for enhancing, positioning and competitiveness
Conducting business-planning analysis
Collecting and analyzing information pertaining to strategies, tactics and financial trends
Coordinating special business projects
Evaluating internal and external forces
Clarifying the future through scenario planning
Integrating digital and business design